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  • ECTS-Projects

    Do you want Soft Skill Credits but don't want another subject with an exam to learn on at the end? You want to creat your own project, in order to improve things or implement your own ideas? There are several tasks at the Fachschaft or the Asta, on which you can show your gift for organisation, your initiative and your creativity.

    You receive 3 ECTS as a FIQ subject (Bachelor) or as 'außerfachliche Ergänzung' (Master) by organising a project of your own choice.

    For example: It could be organising a special course, a festival or an information day.

    Just pick something you are interested in! Or come to us with own ideas how to improve the supporting of our students and set up your very own project. No mattter what you decide to solve - you're not alone! Everybody working on a project will have a mentor to help him or her with all sorts of difficulties.