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    Why participate in the postal vote?

    Why should I request a postal vote?

    Before we answer this question, it should first be understood why we as students should participate in the university elections in the first place.

    During the university elections, the representatives who defend their parties' interests in the committees are elected.
    The four parties are the professors, the research associates, all the other staff and of course us students!

    The elected representatives will then participate in the different committees and influence decisions on department and even university level. Thanks to this, us students also have direct influence on all the important things that happen at our university. Need some examples? Two of our student representatives are a part of the professor recruitment committee which decides which professors may teach at the TUM, and the study grant committee that attributes funds to projects such as lecture tutorials has four seats for us students!

    As you can see, the representatives you elect during the university elections put in a lot of effort to improve studies at our university. They make sure that the voice of the students is heard and that their issues are taken seriously.
    In order to convince all other committee members that the student representatives are indeed supported by their students, it is important that the student election participation is as high as possible. So use your vote to support the student representative team that you think will best stand in for your interests.

    To sum it up, it does not matter who you vote for; the most important thing is that you participate!
    If you want to support us, your departmental student council, we would greatly appreciate it if you voted for our selected candidates (LitFaS).

    How to apply for postal voting?

    Applying for postal vote is very easy - with only five clicks!

    Here are the important steps:

    1. Visit https://campus.tum.de/ and log in with your TUM key (e.g. ga42abc).
    2. Click "Documents". That is the first tile in the third row ("Admission").
    3. Here, you have access to all important documents like your certificate of enrollment. In the second last row is "Election notification and application for postal vote". If you click "Print", you will get the election notification as pdf and can read it. On the right side, there is the "Apply for postal vote" button. Click on it!
    4. Now you have to choose how to receive your postal vote documents:
      1. The postal vote documents are to be sent to my usual correspondence address.
        With that option the documents will be sent to your saved address.
        Please check your current address! We explain how you can do that later.
      2. I will collect them personally in the electoral office, room 0228, Arcisstr. 21, 80333 Munich.
        If you choose this, you will have to pick up the election documents personally at the university. We only recommend this option if you are sure that you can visit the university in time.
        Please keep in mind that the university is currently still closed for students due to the Corona pandemic.
      3. The postal vote documents are to be sent to another address:
        Use this option if you are currently not living at your correspondence address, because you are e.g. studying abroad.
        1. Click the third option. New fields are now showing up.
        2. Enter your address in these.
    5. Click the "Send and close" button.
    6. Congratulations and thank you for voting! A strong voter participation leads to a better student representation!
      Dont forget to vote and return your postal votes!

    Postal voting details

    Details from the election notification 2022

    "If you wish to vote by absentee ballot, please klick on the button "Absentee Ballot Request"and select the appropriate option. The Elections Office must receive your online request for an absentee ballot no later than 21.06.2022, or you may pick up the absentee ballot in person at the Elections Office no later than 28.06.2022. Absentee ballots will be made available/sent out after publication of the approved candidate lists

    In order to vote, you must present an official photo ID. Voting will take place on 05.07.2022 from 09:00 am to 17:00 pm in the Munich City Campus, Immatrikulationshalle."

    The whole election notification text is available at campus.tum.de in the category "Print Documents".

    Additional steps

    Checking or changing your correspondence address

    1. Visit https://campus.tum.de/ and log in with your TUM key (e.g. ga42abc).
    2. Click "Current address". That ist the third tile in the the third row ("Admission").
    3. Now you can see your addresses: The left one is your correspondence address and should be up to date. The right one is your home address and is important for your enrollment applications.
      If you wish to update your address, click the "Edit Address" button.
    4. Enter your data and click "Send and close".


    What ist the most important thing in a postal voting? The voting itself, of course.
    You will get the exact details on how to make your crosses along with your postal vote documents. The voting deadline, i.e. the date until the return letter has to be an the electoral office, is also included in these documents.

    You can see here which of our representatives you can vote for. If you have additional questions, you can send them here.