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  • Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic we have decided to suspend all personal contact with students and visitors. You can find further information on how this affects our services here.

    Lecture notes shop (Skriptenverkauf)

    The lecture notes shop is one of the services that we as faculty student council provide. If you are interested in helping us out with the printing or the sales, you can drop by in our student council room or write a mail to skripten@fs.ei.tum.de.

    Lecture notes delivery service

    Because of the current exceptional circumstances, we offer you the possibility to buy printed lecture notes for the upcoming summer semester 2020 online and have them sent directly to you via postal delivery. On our shop page, shop.fs.ei.tum.de, you can choose the lecture notes that you need and pay for them.

    Shipping fees

    The shipping fees are partially subsidised by the faculty so that they are not disproportionately high compared to the lecture notes' prices. As such, even if you order your lecture material from overseas, our prices stay student-friendly. There are three price categories:

    European Union8.00€

    General conditions

    In order to be able to propose this pricing for everyone, we need to introduce the following guidelines:

    • Max. 10 lecture scripts per order
    • Max. 2 copies of the same lecture script

    If you need to place a larger order or if you have any questions, feel free to write us a short mail to skr-anfrage@fs.ei.tum.de so that we can figure out a solution together.


    We will process the arriving orders 2 to 3 times per week and ship the ordered lecture notes once we receive the payment. Please understand that there might be a few days of waiting time between your order and the actual shipment. Due to the current situation, we have a limited number of people at a time who can process the orders and pack the parcels. Additionally, the actual time needed for shipment depends on the destination.

    Lecture notes sales during lecture periods

    Unfortunately, we are unable to predict when and how the regular lecture notes sales in the N4 basement at main campus will be resumed. You are invited to use our newly created delivery service in the meantime.

    The lecture notes shop is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 PM to 1:30 PM (except for lecture-free days like bank holidays or the semester break). At the beginning of every semester we have extended opening hours and additional sales events, announced further below in the section "Additional exceptional sales events".

    You'll need to come to our shop in room N-1412 (basement of the N4 building, just next to the other rooms of the faculty student council).

    Before coming, please have a look at the list of available lecture notes, where you can check whether the lecture notes you need are available. Please prepare a list of all lecture notes you need beforehand; this will accelerate the sales process and you won't need to come in a second time if you forget anything in the spur of the moment (we all strive to be efficient engineers, after all).

    Some lecturers don't have their lecture notes printed at our shop. In this case, they may be provided on moodle or sold directly by the corresponding institute. Please ask the lecturer or the lecture assistant for further information. We don't know the modalities of all hundreds (!) of lectures held at our department!

    If there is a red 'X' in the front of a title in the list of available lecture notes, but you need it, just fill out our reprint form. This way, we'll know that people still need these lecture notes and we'll reprint them as soon as possible. If there is a red 'X' with a little star next to it, you don't need to fill it out anymore, because we already scheduled a reprint for this title.
    Attention: We don't take back sold lecture notes!

    Lecture notes sales during semester holidays

    There are NO sales events during the semester breaks. If you still need anything from the last semester, send us a mail for an appointment. We do not sell any scripts for the coming semester before the lecture period has started.

    Opening up the lecture notes shop takes a considerable amount of free time investment from our part, so it is possible that you will need to wait some time until someone can handle your request (or that no one is available to help you).

    Please note as well that it might be possible that the lecture notes you need are sold out. In this case, they won't be reprinted until the next semester they are used.

    Additionally, the change of our fiscal year is during the summer break, so nothing can be sold during several days around this date.

    Further information

    The faculty student council is always up to improving the lecture notes sales in order to provide lecture notes and old exams to everyone.

    If you have any problems or ideas for improvement, feel free to write us a mail: skr-anfrage@fs.ei.tum.de.

    We are always looking for volunteers to help us, the student council, since we are also volunteers. If you feel motivated to do some printing and selling, don't hesitate to write us!