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  • Information for chair members

    About lecture notes printing

    • The printing period begins after the end of our exams (end of April or mid-August for winter and summer semester, respectively).
    • At this point in time, we will request new or updated lecture notes from the lecturers. If nothing has changed in this regard, a short notice will suffice. If we erroneously sent you an inquiry, please inform us of our mistake.
    • The deadline for sending in new material is usually 5-6 weeks before lectures start.
    • We will give you a free sample once your lecture notes have been printed. If you are satisfied with it, send us a message with the go-ahead and we will begin large-scale printing for our fellow students. Without your go-ahead, we will not print any lecture notes.
    • If everything goes according to plan, the students will be able to purchase the lecture notes from the first day of lectures onwards.


    Extra information

    • Up to about 175 pages (max. 200) we will use saddle stitching to bind the notes. More pages will require gluing the back of the book.
    • Lecture notes are printed according to the First-Come-First-Serve policy: the notes for which we receive the go-ahead early will be processed first.
    • If you wish, you can buy your own notes as lecturer and distribute them personally to your students.
    • (Almost) all notes are printed completely in black-and-white. In theory, we can include colored pages, but as this is extremely complex and time-consuming, we will only do this in well-explained circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.


    Format of the lecture notes

    or: how to create an optically pleasing design

    • Page numbers should either be centered or alternatingly on the right (uneven pages) and on the left (even pages).
    • Leave at least a 10mm border between the content and the paper edges. We recommend leaving 20mm or more.
    • For less than 175 pages, move the type area roughly 3mm to the center of the book; thicker notes should have their area moved to the edge. This ensures that the text looks centered.


    About the deadline

    We need roughly 3-4 weeks to print all necessary lecture notes for the coming semester. The last week before the lectures begin is usually very busy due to other preparations that need to take place, which makes printing very difficult. The time for printing a sample and waiting for the go-ahead before beginning large-scale production needs to be considered as well. Therefore, we set the deadline to 5-6 weeks prior to the beginning of the lecture period, as our printing press usually requires approximately one week of maintenance for one million pages per semester.

    Should you as lecturer not be able to complete your notes prior to the deadline, we will still try to get it printed before lectures start. However, it might happen that the notes will only become available in the second week of lectures. We appreciate receiving your material as early as possible, seeing as we also have lectures to attend.