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    Dear Reader,

    you have waited for so long and now the time has finally come: Rejoice! Our student newspaper “Trafo” has been digitized! For various reasons, such as the Covid19 pandemic, we decided to switch to an online format. Thus, this humble blog shall be the new home of our magazine, where we will inform you about everything that is of concern to us students.

    At least twice a month, we will publish exciting articles about all kinds of topics: be it current developments in the industry, interviews with lecturers, news about university policies or even life hacks to make your studies a tiny bit more enjoyable.

    Additionally, there will be recurring pieces in which we will share interesting, engineering-related articles that piqued the interest of our editors. And if that isn’t your cup of tea, you can look forwards to our recommendations for TV shows, books and music. Bid adieu to boredom!

    You have questions, ideas or hate mail? Just shoot us a message at trafo@fs.ei.tum.de. We‘d love to hear your feedback! After all, “Trafo” isn’t only a newspaper for students… it’s also a newspaper by students. Your voice matters to us. 

    And last but not least: have fun digging through our most recent articles or the archive and enjoy the read!

    Yours truly,
    The Chief Editors of “Trafo”



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