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  • Advisory services

    You can find information concerning all student advising services that the TUM has to offer here.
    The department of Electrical and Computer Engineering also provides own advisory services that you can access here

    On this page, we have assembled other counselling services that we deem useful, so feel free to look over them if you need advice:

    Subject-specific advice

    You can approach members of the faculty student council anytime for any general, organisational or study-specific questions concerning the Electrical and Information Engineering study courses. We will also gladly help you with things like self-management during your studies, exam-related questions or international exchange programs. Should we be unable to answer your questions, you can also contact the department's subject-specific advice service.

    Further Advisory Services


    Say no to sexual harassment and sexism!

    What to do if you feel insecure or if you were pressured, harassed, threatened or treated in a way you were not comfortable with? If you do not know how to react or how to protect yourself in these kinds of situations, the counselling services for victims of sexual harassment and sexual violence are there to support you! The counsellors there will listen to you, take your concerns seriously and inform you about the first steps to take in order to improve your situation. Very important: No action is taken without your explicit consent!

    On the advisory services page, you can find the contact details of the department's counsellors, as well as links to other services like that of the student union.

    If you prefer to contact a fellow student, be it over phone or over text, you can contact Helena Hahne (helena.hahne@fs.ei.tum.de) or Simon Stößer (simon.stoesser@fs.ei.tum.de). These two faculty council members are currently the student contact people for personal concerns of any kind.


    In case of discrimination of any kind you can contact the department's anti-discrimination officer. You can find his contact details on this page.

    You have a disability or are chronically ill?

    You can contact the department's advisors or the TUM's centralised advisory services alike. The counsellors at the department can inform you about many disability-related topics, such as disadvantage compensation during exams (i.e. time extension or larger text size).

    In case of other personal or psychological problems

    You do not know who to turn to, have financial problems, need legal advice or have other personal issues? In this case, you might find a suitable contact person at the student union advisory services. The student union offers information and support to assist you with your problems.

    If you need a sympathetic ear to talk about what is currently on your mind, you can call the Nightline, a completely anonymous service organised by students for students where volunteers will listen to your thoughts and talk to you. You can find more information on their homepage: https://www.nightline-muc.de/ (website available only in german).
    The Nightline phone number is +49 (0) 89 / 3571 3571 – open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00pm to 12:30am.

    In an urgent crisis situation, you can contact the psychiatric crisis service (website available only in german) anytime, day and night.

    Further useful addresses and phone numbers can be found here:
    https://www.kompass-m.de/adressen/krisenhilfe/index.html (website available only in german)