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    We have summarised the most important (and most interesting) information concerning the Electrical and Computer Engineering studies in our information booklet (only available in german). This site provides a quick overview over the most relevant questions and the corresponding answers.

    What do I need to know?

    One of the favourite questions of future students, no matter what subject they choose to study. In the case of electrical and computer engineering, the answer is: you shouldn't completely hate maths and physics, but that's just about it.

    If, by any chance, you also have some interest in new technologies, if the fact that you will be able to contribute to state-of-the-art research even during your studies excites you, or if you have always dreamed about your ideas becoming a part of the inventions of tomorrow, then the electrical and computer engineering studies could become the best part of your life!

    Maybe you've also already heard that electrical and computer engineering is an especially hard study course. Yes, of course you need to work a little for your studies and look into the taught subjects in order to pass the exams, but that's the same for every study course. But if you're interested in what you're studying, this shouldn't be a problem. Yes, if you think that being a student means rarely being at the university, going to every party and weekend trip you hear about, waking up at eleven, taking a quick look into the lecture hall just to find the people you'll pass the afternoon with, things will get complicated. Of course you can go on holidays, parties, weekend trips and pass afternoons with friends, as long as the studies also keep a reasonably important place in your everyday life.

    Are there any admission restrictions?

    In order to be able to study electrical and computer engineering at the Technical University of Munich, you need to have a high school diploma (or an equivalent document) and proof of your proficiency of the german language. However, there are no conditions concerning the average grade, entrance exams or other proceedings that might restrain access to the study of electrical and computer engineering.


    How do I register for the study course?

    The application can be done online (available only in german). Follow the instructions on the site to create an applicant account. This account can also be used to check up on the status of your application anytime. Other useful functions include the upload of a photo for your StudentCard, but you can also send a printed photo together with the rest of your application documents. Your registration papers, including e.g. the high school diploma, need to be sent to the Student Service Center

    Technische Universität München
    Arcisstraße 21
    80333 Munich

    Keep in mind that the deadline for sending in the documents to the matriculation office for the winter semester is on July 15th (date of the post stamp), otherwise the enrolment is not possible anymore. A complete list of necessary documents can be found here.

    If everything goes well, you will receive your notification of approval by mail within minutes, since the electrical and computer engineering study course does not require any maximal average grade or entrance exams. During the fourteen days that follow this notification, you need to accept your study place on the TUM online portal. After this, you have your study place!

    You also need to pay the semester fee in order to complete your matriculation. More information about it can be found  here.

    You can adjust your address and other personal data anytime via your business card in the online portal (just click on your name after log in) in order to keep your information up to date.