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    We offer introductory events for future master students at the beginning of each semester in collaboration with the faculty. The event for the general electrical and computer engineering master is held in german. the events for Power Engineering (MSPE) and Communications Engineering (MSCE) are held in english, but only in the winter term.

    Dates of the next introductory event:

    Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, the TUM has cancelled all classes and other public events until April 19th, 2020. Thus, the introductory event for the Master study courses that start in summer semester 2020 will be held on April 17th, 2020 at 9:00 AM in the form of a webinar. Participants will receive the access code per mail from the Student Services Office.

    Information booklet for students

    The information booklet contains the everything you need to get started with your studies and your life in Munich. You can download the latest version of the booklet here (available only in german).


    Study guide (available only in german): More information concerning the study curriculum.

    Study planning: Online tool provided by the faculty to facilitate the creation of the schedule for the semester.

    Exam dates: Overview of the examination dates for the current semester on the faculty webpage.
    The exam dates are decided by the Master examination board.
    Generally, exams are scheduled to take place during the first few weeks after the end of the lecture period. The retake exams are held only during the next semester holidays six months later.

    Exam registration: The exam registration needs to be done on the TUMonline portal at least some weeks prior to the exam date.

    Withdrawal from an exam (available only in german): Usually, the withdrawal from any Master examination can be done via the TUMonline portal as long as the exam date is not too close. In the case you missed the deadline for withdrawal, contact the examination office.

    Dates and Deadlines: Important information concerning lecture periods, public holidays or deadlines.

    By the way: You can connect your TUMonline calendar with your lecture schedule to your smartphone calendar. Like this, if there are any changes to the schedule, the calendar is updated automatically, contrary to a simple data import. For you, this means that you always have an up-to-date planning of your week. You can find an explanation on how to connect the calendars here (available only in german).

    Lecture notes: The faculty student council sells printed lecture notes that are provided by the chairs.

    General study information

    Exchange platform: the forum

    FSEI-hub: The forum for all electrical and computer engineering students at the TUM. You can find summaries of taught subjects and other students to discuss with on the FSEI-hub. Please note that the forum is available only in german.


    Moodle@elearningTUM: Official Learning Management System for most (if not all) subjects taught at the TUM.


    Student advisory service: Counselling service for issues like examination planning, general study guidance, international exchange programs and post-university career.

    Student Services office: First instance for problems and issues of all kind concerning the electrical and computer engineering studies. You can find a list of their services on their site.

    TUM portal: Online portal for students and university employees of the Technical University of Munich, providing services like a discussion forum, document templates, a calendar or job advertisements. Studenten- und Mitarbeiterportal der TU München, Mailbox, Diskussionsforen, Termine, Vorlesungsverzeichnis, elektronischer Notenaushang, etc.

    Faculty portal: Information concerning the electrical and computer engineering studies, current research, software downloads, request forms, contacts of professors and other employees and an overview of all chairs.

    TUMonline: Campus Management Systems: a large part of the studies is managed from here. Services include an online grade overview, a mailbox, a calendar and important documents like the certificate of enrolment.


    TUM university library: Homepage of the library

    TUM OPAC: Online catalogue of the main campus library. Interlibrary loan can also be done from this portal.

    eAccess (available only in german): Online access to an archive of scientific journals. Service is managed by the TUM university library.


    EIKON: EIKON homepage, for services concerning the EIKON tower (computer rooms for electrical and computer engineering students). Services include the registering of the student card for access to the rooms, information about WLAN and an introduction to UNIX.

    Microsoft Dreamspark / StudiSoft (available only in german): Software download of Microsoft products available with the TUM membership

    MathWorks (links to a TUM wiki page, needs a login): Download of Matlab, Simulink and toolboxes with the TUM license

    LRZ (available only in german): Student page of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)

    Student life / Housing:

    Munich Student Union: Information and services concerning student housing, financial aids, etc.

    www.wg-gesucht.de: helpful site for finding a room in a shared apartment

    www.studenten-wg.de (available only in german): helpful site for finding a room in a shared apartment

    https://www.immowelt.de (available only in german): helpful site for finding a room in a shared apartment

    Diversity at the TUM Department of Electrical and Computer engineering: Information concerning parent-children rooms, gender equality officer and other related services.