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  • Your StudentCard

    Not only can you identify yourself with this card during exams and get student discounts at cinemas, it can also do much more:

    Payment method

    Your student card is also your cafeteria card, pocket money for dispensers. You can load money onto the cards using the machines in the cafeteria, the StuCafé, and the library. Additionally, the card contains your balance for the EIKON printers. It is automatically recharged to 3.00€ every semester, but if you need to print more, you can put an envelope into the letterbox in front of room Z952. The envelope should contain a paper with your name and TUM ID (e.g. ga42nan), as well as the money you wish to put on the account. Please note that coins smaller than 50 cent are not accepted.

    Semester ticket

    Your card gives you permission to use the public transportation of the MVV (public transport network) in Munich. The base pay allows the usage from 6 PM to 6 AM, as well as all day on holidays and during the weekends. You can purchase an additional ticket if you need to use the public transport regularly at the vending machines in train stations. 

    EIKON Computer Labs

    If you want to use your ID card as key for the Computer Labs, register it here (available only in german) using your LRZ ID. Under the bulletin "Managementinterface", enter the C-number of your card (located above the MVV logo). Attention: Should you lose your card and receive a replacement, you should enter your new card number.

    Library card

    The bar code on the back of your card is your library ID. Should you wish to pre-order books online, you can do so on the university library's main page. Your login is the bar code number and the standard password is your birth date (format: DDMM, we recommend that you change it to a more elaborate one after the first login).


    The card needs to be validated at the beginning of every new term. This is only possible after the 01.10 (winter term) or the 01.04 (summer term). Also, the university must have received the payment for the new semester already. The validation can be done on either of the machines in the "Immatrikulationshalle" near the Student Service Center.

    Getting your StudentCard

    Are you already enrolled?

    After you've sucessfully enrolled, your Student Card will be sent to you through postal services.

    More information can be found here.