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The Machines in the Student Council Print Shop #

Trillian #


This is our Trillian. It was named after Tricia McMillan from the Hitchhiker’s Guide.

This black and white printer is the successor to our Latraviata and is used for printing scripts, as well as student council newspapers such as the Trafo or the Maulwurf der BUV. The model is an AccurioPress 6210. Despite the new name, it’s almost identical to its predecessor. The big novelty is the enlarged booklet finisher (the large bulge). Otherwise, we have a binding finisher with a subsidization option.

Ragnarök #


This is our Ragnarök, a Konica Minolta C1085 mwith EFI Fiery RIP (Raster Image Processor)! It is a color printer, currently it prints a lot of final papers, but also handouts an poster up to A3 size.

“Intern” #

That? That is our “intern”. It is an Ideal Shreedcat 8283 CC shredder and is used to shred everything that needs to be shredded.

It also has a feed tray that makes it easy to insert pages.

We have 2 Fastback bookbinding machines that we use to bind final papers. They were also used to bind thicker scripts in the past.

In addition, we have a binder spine printer. With this, we print the spines of the final papers. Due to time constraints, we never labeled scripts with it. That was only possible with the Latraviata’s adhesive binder.

And what happens after binding?

After binding, we cut a bit off the right side of the work so that it’s easier to flip through. It also looks neater that way.

Paper #

We have the following paper types in stock:

Copy paper (recycling), 80g/m²
(Color-) copy paper, 100g/m², 160g/m² and 250g/m²
Colored cardboard, 170g/m² in the following colors: Old Gold, Apricot, Arctic Blue, Cadmium, Chamois, Cobalt Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Lilac, Grass Green, Gray, Light Blue, Pale Yellow, Light Green, Raspberry, Inca, Canary Yellow, May Green, Corn, Orange, Palm, Pink, Rose, Red, Sand Brown, Slate, Silver Gray, Terracotta
Black cardboard (only DIN A4)

We do not always have the following paper types in stock:
Colored paper with 80g/m² (also neon colors)
170 g/m² cardboard in special colors

All paper types (except black) are available in both DIN A4 and DIN A3.

We have color fans for those who think of the Caribbean when they hear “Palm”, ice cream with hot red sauce when they hear “Raspberry”, and batteries when they hear “Cadmium” instead of a color.

However, we do not sell paper individually to students. The paper is intended for the operation of the print shop.

What we used to have #

Major #

The Major is our 2017-purchased color printer and is actually named Motoko Kusanagi. But we call it by its “rank” because no one can write its name. Otherwise, it is almost identical to our old Blackwidow. The model is a bizhub C458, so a successor model. It also has a small stapling finisher.

Online shipping #

As support for the online shipping, we purchased this printer in 2020. The shipping printer helps us, for example, to print DHL labels on adhesive labels so that we can pack the packages for script shipping more quickly.

Latraviata #

This is the Latraviata. It’s a Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS 1250 and only prints in black and white. It can print 125 A4 pages and 70 A3 pages per minute. Scripts of about 140 pages are delivered with ready-made saddle stitching from the saddle stitcher in the center (the short conveyor belt). Skripten with a spine thickness of about 30mm are adhesive bound in the far-left part of the machine.

In 2020, our Latraviata was replaced by our Trillian.

Blackwidow #

This is the Blackwidow, our color printer. We purchased it mainly for printing color final papers in 2012. It prints up to 45 color pages per minute. It’s a Konica Minolta bizhub C452. In addition to the printing unit, it has a small folding and stapling unit.

In 2017, “Blacky” was replaced by our Major.

Monalisa #

And this? - This is Monalisa, the big sister of Leeloo and BlackWidow. Since it is four times larger than its sister, it prints much faster. Monalisa is a bizhub PRO 1200 (also from Konica Minolta) and only prints in black and white. It can print 120 A4 pages and 70 A3 pages per minute. Scripts of about 180 pages come out ready-made from the saddle stitcher on the far left. Thicker scripts end up on the stacker (in principle a huge document output tray) and we have to bind them ourselves. With an insert unit, we can add (pre-printed) sheets to a print job. In this way, we can incorporate individual color pages. However, experience has shown that this is disproportionately time-consuming, so we only do it in well-justified exceptional cases.

The Monalisa has been replaced by the Latraviata in the meantime.

Leeloo #

And this? - This is Leeloo, our color printer. We mainly bought it for printing color final papers in 2008. It prints up to 25 color pages per minute. It’s a Konica Minolta bizhub C253. Leeloo has since retired. BlackWidow has taken its place.

In addition to the printing unit, it has a small folding and stapling unit.

Monika #

Monika, our old digital printing press, looked very similar to Monalisa. The leasing contract was almost up after 4 years, so we were allowed to buy Monalisa. It was a bizhub PRO 1050, the predecessor model of the bizhub PRO 1200.

Monika was our first digital printing press. Offset printing was used before that. If you want to browse through the memories of that “dirty time,” you can find them here.