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Lockers in the N1 #

The lockers on the ground floor of the N1 were installed in the summer of 2008 and have been managed by the Fachschaft ever since. They are financed with money from StudiTUM, but they belong to the TUM.

A total of 292 lockers are available for all students (of every faculty) of the TUM. You can choose between 4 different sizes (available in different quantities):

Size Quantity Measurements
Small 120 26 x 51 x 48 cm
Tall 148 26 x 79 x 48 cm
Wide 16 41 x 36,7 x 48 cm
Extra wide 8 56 x 36,7 x 48 cm

You can find information regarding assignment/return of lockers and legal details in the terms of use.

Returning lockers #

As the lockers must be cleaned and prepared for the next rental period, we ask that you empty your locker the week before the start of the next lecture period.

All lockers rented for the winter semester 23/24 must be emptied by the 15th of April 2024!

Access restrictions #

The lockers are usually accessible during the normal opening hours of the university. Should the doors to the building be locked, it may still be possible to reach the lockers by entering the university through the main entrance and crossing the bridge over the Theresienstra├če to get to the N1.

Due to various events, the lockers may however be inaccessible. Access to the lockers will be restricted on the following days:

There are currently no known access restrictions