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Rental #

It is possible to borrow materials for events, research projects, and other endeavors from the student council. This service is primarily aimed at other student councils and the chairs of the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering in downtown Munich.

If interested, inquiries can be made to verleih@fs.ei.tum.de.

Rental Items #

The following list provides an overview of the items we offer for rental. Since the list is not complete and some materials may not be available, please consult with the rental committee early on.

Item Quantity Note
Emergency lighting 56
Emergency power switches 4
Emergency exit lights 4
Spotlights 5
Construction fence rolls 3
Construction fence clamps 15

A/V Equipment #

We also lend various audio and video equipment, but only to chairs.

Item Quantity Note
Video camera 1
Photo camera 1
Camera stabilization system 1
Video tripod 1
Photo tripod 1
LED spotlight 2
Stand for LED spotlight 2
Softbox for LED spotlight 2
Lapel microphone with receiver 2