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Your Student ID Card #

With your student ID card, you can not only identify yourself during exams but also enjoy many other benefits:

Payment Function #

Your student card is also your cafeteria card, copy credit and change for the vending machines. You can recharge your credit at the charging stations in the cafeteria, StuCafé and library.


Semester Ticket #

With the student card, you can still use the MVV in SS23. You can identify this by the MVV logo printed on the card. With the basic fee, you can use Munich’s public transport for free until 6:00 am and from 6:00 pm on weekdays, as well as all day on weekends and public holidays.
This will be completely eliminated from WS23/24! This also reduces the re-registration fee to 85€.

EIKON Computer Rooms #

If you want to use your student card as a key for the EIKON computer rooms, you must log in here with your TUM email address and enter the C-number under the management interface (in this case it would be 01010). Note: If you lose your student card and receive a new one, you must also enter the new number.

Library Card #

The barcode on the back of your student card is your library card. If you want to reserve books online, you can do so on the University Library page. Your login is the barcode number, and the default password is your date of birth in the format DDMM.

Validation #

You must validate your student card every semester. This can only be done once your tuition fee has been transferred, and as of 01.10. for the winter semester and 01.04. for the summer semester. You can validate your student card at one of the two machines in the enrolment hall in front of the Student Service Center.

Collecting Your Student ID Card #

Are you already enrolled?

After your enrolment has been confirmed, your student card will be sent to you by post.

For further information, click here.