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Information about the Student Council General Assembly #

Here you will find general information about all Student Council General Assemblies and specific information about the upcoming assembly.

What? #

The FSV is an assembly of all students of the former Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TUM.

When? #

The FSV usually takes place on Wednesday in the third week of lectures at 9:45 am. In Summer Semester 2024, it will take place on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 at 9:45 am. The event will take place in person in lecture hall HS 1200 (Carl-von-Linde lecture hall) and online in the form of a live stream. You can find the Moodle course as well as the live stream under this link: https://fsei.de/live. During the (ordinary) FSV, all lectures and exercises are cancelled, so that all students have the freedom to attend the FSV.

What about? #

We always inform you about the latest topics in your studies, at the campus, and from us. This year, we will talk about:

  • AG reports
  • Student council elections
  • University politics and elections
  • Tuition fees
  • Upcoming events

Who? #

ALL students of the degree program bundle Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at TUM are called to come. All means all. From the 1st to the n-th semester, regardless of whether they are Bachelor or Master students.

Why? #

In accordance with our charter, it is necessary that at least 10% of our students are present. In addition, the FSV is the best opportunity to inform you about current events or - if you have any questions or suggestions - to let us know.

Minutes and Presentations #

The minutes of the last assemblies can be viewed here.

FSV Elections #

The following candidates are running for membership in the association at the upcoming FSV. Anyone can become a member of the association who is a student of PP EI der CIT (e.g. has been elected at an FSV). You can nominate yourself either by registering with our executive board or by submitting an application for election at the FSV.

  • Marius Drechsler (6. Sem. B. Sc.)
  • Marc Kleiber (4. Sem. B. Sc.)
  • Boris Gajic (4. Sem. B. Sc.)
  • You?