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Contact #

You can always call us for any kind of short questions that are quickly solved. However, if you suspect that your issue is more complicated or might take some time to solve, we recommend you drop by and talk to us in person. We try to answer incoming mails within two days, but you might have to wait a bit longer depending on the time of the day and the proximity of the exam period.

Via phone #

Student council office phone number: +49 (0) 89 289-22998

Via email #

All our work groups have their own mail address. If you directly contact the work group you need, you can save yourself and us a lot of time and forwarded mails.

Admin: admin@fs.ei.tum.de (IT infrastructure)
Druck: druck@fs.ei.tum.de (Print of theses and lecture notes)
E-Lab: e-lab@fs.ei.tum.de (E-Lab organisation)
Erstsem: erstsem@fs.ei.tum.de (Support for all students (not just freshmen!) in case of questions concerning the studies in general or the organisation of information events)
Feste: feste@fs.ei.tum.de (Organisation of parties of all kinds, like the Galeriefest for example)
HoPo: hopo@fs.ei.tum.de (Contact students who are part of university politics committees)
Hütte: huette@fs.ei.tum.de (Organisation of the freshmen cabin)
Info: info@fs.ei.tum.de (Homepage, population of display cases with flyers and replies to mail requests)
Skripte: skr-anfrage@fs.ei.tum.de (Organisation of lecture notes sales events)
Trafo: trafo@fs.ei.tum.de (Editorial office of the student council newsletter)
Verleih: verleih@fs.ei.tum.de (Rental of lockers and other tools (especially for events of any kind))
Vorstand: vorstand@fs.ei.tum.de (Contact the legal representatives of the student council)

Not sure which work group can help you? The general mail address for questions and requests of any kind is info@fs.ei.tum.de!

Despite the wide spectrum of services we propose, there are some things that we are not responsible for. Therefore, all requests for these kinds of things will be refused #

  • Posting job advertisements (you should rather contact the Alumni job portal for that)
  • Sending mails to all electrical and computer engineering students (We do not have a general mailing list)
  • Participating in or forwarding surveys of any kind (We refuse to flood students with mails, risking that our own important mails won’t be read)
  • Advertising external events (i.e. events that are not organised by an entity connected to the TUM family), since our own events would get lost between with all the ads around.
  • Advertising career fairs (There are enough fairs organised by the university itself, where companies can participate)
  • Entering into cooperation agreements that lack relevance for the electrical and computer engineering domain

Please understand that we cannot deal with all these additional requests, as we are volunteers who already maintain a considerable number of more important services.

How polite should I be? #

Don’t worry, we’re all students so we don’t care too much about formalities. You don’t have to search for flowery phrases just to send us a short mail. Of course we’ll accept it if you wish to be polite and will formulate our answer accordingly, but it’s way easier and more fun to be informal ;)