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E-Lab #

You want to help? #

Then just drop by or get in touch with us - we are always on the lookout for committed people.

Safety briefing and courses #

A current safety briefing is nessesary (not older than one year) for acces to the E-Lab. Safety brefings are conducted regularly and take about 1 hour.

For our volunteer courses a current safety briefing is mandatory as well as registration.

Dates #

You can find current dates for safety briefings and courses here.

E-Lab Imagefilm #

In this video we show you what our laboratory is capable of!

The E-Lab #

The departmental student council offers an electronics laboratory for free to students. Here you can realize personal projects as well as ones required in your study in your spare time. The E-Lab team has made it their quest to provide you with everything needed to achieve that.

You can use our professional high-grade measurement equipment (e.g. oscilloscopes, multimeters, electronic loads) and tools. The stock of electronic parts (THT and SMT available) and consumables can be used as well, but please only in small quantities, as we cannot supply every student with unlimited parts. Special, expensive parts like microcontrollers are usually not available. Smaller mechanical work can be done on our workbench.

If every student leaves the E-Lab just a bit tidier than it was before, then the lab will get clean without intervention of voluntary workers. This doesn’t take you a lot of time but helps us!

If you have any questions about the E-Lab, please contact us by mail.

You want to participate in the team? Send us a mail.

Further information #

You can find frequently asked questions in our FAQ.

A rough estimate on available components is available here Please be advised, this list has no claim on completeness nor is it up to date.