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Postal Vote - Why? #

Why should I apply for a postal vote?

Well, first, we should answer the question why one should vote in general.

In the university election, all representatives are elected who are supposed to represent the interests of the respective groups in the committees. The four electoral groups are: university professors, scientific staff, other staff and, of course, us students!

The respective representatives then work in various committees and are thus involved in decisions at the faculty level, but also at the overall university level. So we students also have a direct influence on the most important things that happen at the university. Need examples? In an appointment commission, two students sit who influence new professors, and in the study grant commission, which assigns funds to projects such as tutorials, there are even four!

As you can see, much can be improved or made possible at the university through the representatives you elect in the university election! In order to be able to represent you with the necessary emphasis, it is very important that there is a high voter turnout. You can also bring your own voice into it.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the main thing is that you vote! Although we would of course be pleased if you accept our election proposal at the school level (EI IN MA list community, ONCE ONLY) and at the senate level (list of your student council (LitFaS)) and give it your vote.

Postal Vote - How to Apply? #

Applying for a postal vote is easy - with just five clicks!

Nevertheless, we are going through the most important points:

  1. Go to https://campus.tum.de/ and log in with your TUM ID (e.g. ga42abc).

  2. Click on “Documents”. This is the tile on the far left in the third row (“Registration”).

  3. Here you can print out all documents such as the enrollment certificate for you. In the penultimate row, there is “Notification of Election and Application for Postal Vote”. If you click on “Print”, you can skip the notification of election as a PDF and read it. To the right of it is “apply for a postal vote”. Press this button!

  4. Now you have to choose how you want to receive your postal vote documents:

    • The postal vote documents should be sent to my usual correspondence address
      This way, they will be sent to the address you have provided.
      Check beforehand if it is still up to date! We’ll explain how below.

    • I will personally collect the postal vote documents from the election office, main campus, room 0228, Arcisstr. 21, 80333 Munich.
      Here, you have to collect them from the university. We recommend this only if you are sure you have the time and opportunity to do so.

    • The postal vote documents should be sent to a different address: Use this option if you are currently not living at your correspondence address because you are, for example, abroad.

      1. Simply click on the third button. More fields will now appear.
      2. Enter here the address to which your documents should be sent.
  5. Click on the “Submit and Close” button.

  6. Congratulations and thank you for voting! A strong voter turnout ensures a strong student representation!

Don’t forget to fill out the postal vote and send it in on time!

Notes on Postal Vote #

Notes from the Election Notice for 2022 #

If you want to participate in the elections by postal vote, click the “Apply for postal vote” button and select the desired option. The application must be received online in the election office no later than 21.06.2022, or by personal collection of the documents in the election office no later than 28.06.2022. The postal vote documents will be sent/handed out after the approved election proposals have been announced.

Voting is possible in person on 05.07.2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the polling station at the main campus, registration hall, upon presentation of an official identification document.

Additional Steps #

Update/Check Correspondence Address

  1. Go to https://campus.tum.de/ and log in with your LRZ ID.

  2. Click on “Correspondence Address”. This is the third tile in the third row (“Registration”).

  3. Here you can see your addresses: the left one is your correspondence address and should be current. The right one is your home address and is mainly important for applications.
    If you want to edit your address, click on the “Edit Address” button.

  4. Enter your data and click on “Save and Close”.

Vote #

What is the most important thing in a postal vote? Of course, the vote. You will find detailed instructions on how to make your crosses in the postal vote. Also, until when the letter must have arrived at the election office.

You can see who among us is running for election here. If you have any questions about the election, you can ask us here.