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The Central University Sports Program #

For those who want to stay physically active alongside their studies, there is the Central University Sports Program, abbreviated as ZHS.

There, a wide-ranging and affordable sports program is offered to students. In general, you can purchase passes for the facilities for a semester. The prices are as follows: €7.50 for the general pass, €15.00 for the swimming pool, and €30.00 each for the fitness room and the climbing hall. Keep in mind that you also need the general pass in addition to the fitness room and the climbing hall passes. Additionally, you may have to listen to a brief introduction (fitness room) or bring a climbing certificate (climbing hall) during your first visit.

Once you have purchased passes for a particular area, you can register for courses. Some of the courses are free, while others are available for a small fee. Often, the most interesting courses fill up quickly after the start of the semester, so it’s worth being quick!

You can find all of the information and registration at the ZHS website.