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Exams, Insights, and Results #

Exams #

Normally, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering involves taking exams, which usually take place once in the three weeks following the end of the lecture period and once just before the start of the lecture period (for repeat exams). Usually, you will receive the exam results a few weeks later. You can find your exam results on your TUM-Online homepage under “My Results.” Once an exam result has been accepted as valid, it is added to your current studies. Up to this point, it is considered provisional. The fact that an exam result has been accepted as valid does not mean that the grade cannot be reviewed (e.g., after an insight, see below).

Insight #

After receiving your exam result, you have the right to take a look at the corrected submission, which is possible during a special insight appointment (please see the exact regulations of TUM on insights here).

Exam Notification #

After all grades of a semester are entered and correctly recorded, you will receive an “Exam Notification” (usually 5 weeks after the beginning of the following semester), in which all exams taken during your studies are listed with their final grade.

Appeal #

If you believe that your “Exam Notification” is flawed (we do not mean a simple typo or similar mistakes, in such cases, contact the student dean’s office first), you have the right to lodge an appeal, and the corresponding regulations can be found in the relevant section of your “Exam Notification.” For example, if you are accused of cheating during an exam, you should definitely request the relevant documents (e.g., your exam and the evidence/protocol that proves your cheating) from your examination committee to familiarize yourself with the accusations and be able to make a meaningful appeal in the following steps.

Example of an appeal at the end of the exam notification #