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FAQ Thesis Printing #

Here you find freqent questions regarding thesis printing.

I need my thesis as quickly as possible, what should I do? #

Many students would like to have as much time as possible to work on their thesis and have it printed on the day of the deadline directly. Since we propose the thesis printing service for about 3000 students and do all printing in our free time, we cannot guarantee that we will have the time to accomodate your wishes. As a rule of thumb, we need about 1 to 2 workdays to print a thesis, during exam phase even 3 to 4 workdays.

If you notice that you are short on time, write us a mail and we’ll see what we can do. You can also give us a call in extreme emergency cases.

How long does binding a thesis take? #

This depends strongly on the number of copies you have, but a general estimation is around 10 minutes. After the binding, the thesis should cool off for 10 more minutes so no pages slip out during transport.

We recommend you leave the bound thesis rest for 30 minutes before opening it. If possible, wait until the spine has completely cooled down.

Can you tell me how much a print of my thesis will cost? #

The price for printing copies of your thesis depends on many factors such as the number of copies, the number of coloured pages, etc. For this reason, it is hard to give a general estimate for a price.

Colour or black/white? #

Of course we can also print in colour. As soon as a page has coloured content, it is automatically printed in colour. Keep in mind that coloured pages are more expensive to print than black/white pages, but we recommend printing images and diagrams in colour. The price for a colour page is independent of the quantity of ink used, so we advise you not to include small coloured element on every page (e.g. the TUM logo or coloured page numebers) as that would increase the cost per copy greatly.

Sometimes, pages are considered as coloured even though they do not look the part. In most of these cases, the cause is a black-and-white image that has been compressed with JPG, or the used colour scheme is colour-based grey (and not pure greyscale).

What paper do you use? #

Mondi Color Copy, 100g/m², multi-coated

The paper is slightly heavier than ordinary copy paper, and the coating gives it a classy feel.

What cover sheet colours can I choose from? #

Apart from the standard cover (transparent foil/black carton) we also have a large selection of coloured carton covers to choose from. You’re free to drop by our printing office to have a look at them in person anytime.

How can I pay? #

We accept cash only.

How can I transport the copies? #

A notebook bag is excellent for transporting the finished thesis papers. They will remain safe from rain, dog-ears and won’t wrinkle.

Alternatively, we can provide a paper bag.

I am not an Electrical and Computer Engineering student. Can you still print my thesis? #

We propose our services primarily for Electrical and Computer Engineering students. However, if we have the time and resources, we can print external theses, such as dissertations or theses of students from other faculties. Even so, please understand that Electrical and Computer Engineering theses will have priority.