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The E-Lab Working Group #

The E-Lab AG takes care of the supervision of the E-Lab on a voluntary basis. We decide which new devices and materials to purchase and what further improvements to make. In addition, we occasionally offer courses, such as a soldering course since WS19/20.

In general, there are three main areas of responsibility in the E-Lab, and we welcome your contribution in each of them:

  • As a supervisor of the E-Lab, you look after the lab, ensure that there are enough components, clean up from time to time, and purchase missing tools and materials in consultation with the group. You also answer inquiries from the E-Lab list.
  • As a course leader, you organize a course and introduce students to your favorite topic! For the soldering course, there is already a procedure and the necessary materials, but you can also come up with new courses. (This can be, for example, printed circuit board layout, AVRs, analog technology … your options are hardly limited here)
  • And the safety briefings, which usually take about half an hour to an hour in preparation and follow-up time, depending on how experienced you already are. All in all, it will take only a few hours per month. Most of the tasks can be easily integrated into your study or hobby routine. Of course, you will not be thrown into the deep end; we will go through the things you want to help with together.

Want to work with us? #

If you are interested in active participation, please send us an email at e-lab@fs.ei.tum.de with an introduction of what you would like to do if you already have a specific plan.