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Lecturer Awards #

In the year 1998, the idea was formed to reward lecturers who went above and beyond their duty as teachers and excelled at their work. At first, we wanted to add a cash prize to this award, which was first handed out in July 2000, using sponsors from the industrial sector. However, in the summer of 1999, the ministry of science, research, and art surprisingly announced it would award its own lecturer award with a cash prize. So we decided not to include cash in our award. Nevertheless, we still use the original concept to determine the winner.

At the heart of this concept lies a jury of students out of the EI association, who are chosen every year at the membership meeting and have their positions affirmed at the FVV. To determine the winner, the jury is bound by a set of rules. They must visit the lectures of the nominees to determine the winner of the lecturer award, as well as the assistant’s award.

You can decide on the nominees however.

Up to four weeks before lectures end, you can nominate your candidates to the jury with a written explanation. Send your recommendations to jury@fs.ei.tum.de, or bring it to us personally. The jury will chose the winner out of this pool of nominees only. You may nominate any lecturer/assistant on the TUM, who holds at least one lecture/tutorial for Electrical Engineering in this term. Also, you shouldn’t be working for the same institute as your nominee. You should also explain your nomination with a short text listing the positive aspects of his lecture, as well as any other topics you deem relevant.

Previous Award Winners #

The following lecturers and teaching assistents have won the award in the last couple of years:

Year Best Lecturer Best Assistant
2023 Prof. Dr. Robert Wille, CDA Francesca Diedolo, LNT und Jonas Ruchti, SEC
2022 Prof. Dr-Ing. Myriam Koch, HSA Dr-Ing. Josef Knapp, HOT und Anisha Banerjee & Lukas Holzbauer, LNT
2021 Dr.-Ing. Michael Zwick, LDV Stefan Hörmann, MMK und Johanna Baehr, SEC
2020 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Kellerer, LKN Michael Würth, MSV
2020 (Digitaler Sonderpreis) Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Gabriele Schrag, TEP Thomas Wiegart, LNT und Dr. Florian Lindemann, MA
2019 Prof. Stefan Weltge, MA Andreas Barthelme, MSV und Dr. Dominik Meidner, MA
2017 Prof. Andreas Herkersdorf, LIS Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hinterholzer, HSA
2016 Dr. Ing. Michel T. Ivrlac, MSV M. Sc. Lorenz Weiland, MSV und M. Sc. Benedikt Lechner, TEP
2015 Prof. Gerhard Kramer, LNT Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Fehenberger, LNT und Dr. Florian Lindemann, MA
2013 Prof. Wolfgang Meyer Lennart Gerdes, MSV und Joschi Brauchle, LNT
2012 PD Dr. Christian Karpfinger, MA Bodo Gohla-Neudecker, EWK und Thomas Künzig, TEP
2011 Dr. Peter Tzscheutschler, EWK Martin Rothbucher & Christian Keimel, LDV und Christoph Hellings, MSV
2010 Prof. Josef Kindersberger, HSA Martin Wirnshofer, LTE
2009 Prof. Joachim Henkel,TIM (WI) Dr. Stephanie Rätzke, HSA
2008 Prof. Josef A. Nossek, NWS Florian Eyben, MMK
2007 Prof. Hans-Georg Herzog, EWT Dr. Michael Kaplan, MA
2006 Prof. Wolfgang Utschick, MSV Florian Obermeier, LDV
2005 Dr. Peter Vachenauer, MA Marion Sobotka, LSR
2004 Prof. Klaus Diepold, LDV Dr. Helmut Gräb, EDA
2003 Prof. Walter Hansch, LTE Dr. Ludwig Barnerßoi, MA
2002 Prof. Erwin Biebl, HOT Dr. Thomas Hagen, MA
2001 Prof. Gert Hauske, LNT Michael Pramateftakis, LDV

In 2014 and 2018 no award was handed out due to various reasons. In 2020 in addition to the normal lecture award, a special award for online teaching was awarded in the summer semester.

Sonderpreise #

Year Recipient Reason
2020 Dr-Ing. Thomas Maul Special award for extensive contributions to the quality of teaching