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Information for the curious #

Information for high-school graduates and other future first-year students can be found here.

We have summarised the most important (and most interesting) information concerning the Electrical and Computer Engineering studies in our information booklet (only available in german).

The Student advisory service of the TUM can be found here.

Why Electrical and Computer Engineering? #

Electrical and Computer Engineering is a vast domain where anyone who has is interested in technical devices can find something to his liking: from nanotechnologies and robotics to energy transmission and embedded systems, everything is shown and taught.

You need only some basic notions of mathematics and physics, as well as some curiosity for the domain, as prerequisites. You’ll learn everything else during your time as electrical and computer engineering student.

Have you always wanted to know how the world around us works? Do you want to learn what hardware is hidden in the laptop you use every day? The come study electrical and computer engineering! Read about how to register for the study course here.

Further information #

You can find more detailed information in the study guide for electrical and computer engineering made by our student council (available online). A printed version can also be purchased at the student council during lecture notes selling hours.

For basic information concerning the choice of study course we recommend reading the information booklet for high schoolers.

At the beginning of each calendar year an information event for high school students is held where every faculty is introduced and where potential first questions can be answered.

If you want to, you can come visit the TUM at another time on your own or drop by at our council office. We’ll gladly welcome you and help you with any questions you have about electrical and computer engineering and student life in general. How to find us: Click here.

Freshmen cabin #

You’re new at the TUM? Just matriculated? Studying electrical and computer engineering? (of course!) Then you should definitely come on a weekend trip to the freshmen cabin! We have prepared a nice program for the (bachelor) freshmen to get to know fellow future engineers and to learn all the secret tricks to surviving the first semesters. More information

Trial study #

The faculty proposes a trial study for high school students starting from 10th grade and people with vocational qualifications that takes place during the (bavarian) autumn holidays. Read more about this program here or on the corresponding school page.