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Printing #

We will gladly print your thesis on our colour printer. For that, you only need to send us the .pdf file of your thesis via the submission form. The price is calculated individually for every thesis and depends on the number of pages, among other things. You can find more information on how the price is calculated below.

Binding #

If you have already printed your thesis at home or at your chair, we can bind it for you. For the small sum of 2.00€ per copy, we will bind your thesis and, if you want to, put a cover sheet around it and label the spine.

Thesis printing #

Submission form!

In our submission form you will find the following points we need you to elaborate on so we can print your thesis exactly as you want it:

  • Number of copies: The required number of copies of your thesis.
  • Single-sided or double-sided print: In the case of single-sided printing, the content of your thesis is printed on only the front page of each sheet. This means that every page in your .pdf file correponds to one sheet of paper. When doing double-sided printing, both pages of a sheet have content printed on them. In your .pdf file, odd-numbered pages will be printed on the front of the sheet, and even-numbered pages on the back.
  • Spine labelling: The spine labelling is printed onto the spine, i.e. the part of the book that is visible when it is placed on the shelf. The standard labelling consists of your name (on the bottom), the title of the thesis (in the middle) and the year (on top).
  • Name: Your name as it will be printed onto the spine.
  • Title: The title of the thesis as it will appear on the spine.
  • Cover sheet: The type of paper that envelops your printed thesis. Normally, we use transparent film for the front and black carton for the back. If your chair requires you to use a certain cover colour, or you simply want your thesis to have a differently coloured cover, we will gladly take your wishes into account. Please note that use of the so-called “LNT blue” cover is only permitted if you write your thesis at the institute for communications engineering.
  • Thesis bound for pickup: Please let us know if we can already bind your thesis or if there are pages (such as task description pages provided by your chair) that have to be inserted first.
  • Invoice address: To get your request processed, you need to provide your invoice address.
  • Invoice: Yes/No. If you want to receive an Invoice.
  • Recipient address: If you want your thesis to be sent via post or TUM intern post.
  • Phone number: Only needed for short inquiries in case there are issues with your thesis.
  • Deadline: The date by which you have to submit your thesis. Please bear in mind that we need 1 to 2 workdays to print and bind your thesis and that at least one faculty student council member needs to be present at the office for you to pick it up.
  • Pick up: Please choose, if you want to pick up your thesis yourself (possible from July 19th, 2021), or if you want it to be sended to you or your chair. You can find further information here.

Please don’t forget to include a .pdf file of your thesis in your mail. If it is too large, you can upload it to a web space (e.g. the LRZ Sync+Share) and send us a download link instead.

We do not accept USB drives!

You can find the link to the submission form Submission form! We will send you a mail once your printing job is ready for pickup. Please read our information concerning thesis printing before sending your documents. We do not assume liability for misprints caused by inobservance of our guidelines!

Additional information #

Spine labelling: We can print text onto the spine if the thesis has a thickness of 3mm or more. This corresponds to a thesis of 30 pages (for single-sided printing) or 60 pages (for double-sided printing). If your thesis has less content than that, we will not label the spine. Please include your full name and the title of your thesis in your mail; it will be printed exactly as you send it. We assume no responsibility for typos in your mail that get printed onto the thesis.

Type of print: Depending on the type of print job (single-sided or double-sided) there are different things that need to be taken into account. When doing single-sided printing, you should avoid having empty pages in your document, as that would result in an empty sheet in your thesis. On the other hand, if you are printing on both sides and want one page to stay empty, you’ll need to include it in your document in advance. If your page numbering is not centered on each page, you should pay attention that the page numbers are aligned properly. An odd-numbered page number corresponds to the front page on a printed sheet, so the page number should be on the right (and vice versa).

Layout: Our printer cannot do marginless printing. Therefore, make sure that there is enough space between the content and the page margins (at least 5mm, we recommend 10mm). On the page border where the binding is applied to, i.e. the inner side of each page, you should leave a security margin of at least 20mm.

Images and diagrams Generally, your images should have a resolution of 300 dpi so they won’t be pixelised when they are printed. The upper bound for resolution is fixed by the printer, whose highest resolution is at 600 dpi. Therefore, we do not recommend to export images in higher resolution than that - in the best case, you just won’t see the difference, in the worst case, our printer driver won’t be able to process the image. The same applies to Tikz graphs with too many sample points.

Data format: We only print unprotected .pdf files. Ideally, they should comply with the PDF/X-3:2002 standard, but the most important requirement is that all fonts are embedded in the document. We do not accept Word documents (.doc/.docx) or LaTeX files (.tex)!

Pickup and Delivery #

Pick up at our office: It is possible at any time if our office is occupied. To ensure this, please announce yourself by phone at 089/289-22998.

Delivery: We can send your thesis directly to your chair. Please talk to your supervisor in this case and ask him if this is possible and how many copies are needed at your chair.

Type of shipment Price Required information
Shipping to your chair 1€ Name of your supervisor, chair / invoice recipient
Shipping within germany 6€ shipping address / invoice recipient

Frequently asked questions: Print FAQ #