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History #

The E-Lab was established in the summer semester of 2005 in cooperation with the chairs of Technical Electrophysics and Measurement Systems and Sensor Technology. In 2022, during a prolonged closure due to the pandemic, the E-Lab was thoroughly modernized.

Acknowledgments #

Many thanks to…

  • MicSenS Ingenieurbüro Dr. Josef Büchler i.L. and Margit E. Büchler for various materials and affordable equipment.
  • Dipl.Ing. (FH) Gerd Müller for materials and an interesting website with several projects: https://users.ph.tum.de/gmueller/
  • ALLNET. We received a new SMD resistor assortment of type 0603 from them. ALLNET will be offering assortments specifically for students in the future.
  • Schützinger. We received new measuring leads for our measuring devices from them as a donation, which meet the latest standards.
  • Texas Instruments (TI) for donating 3 programming devices for the MSP430G.
  • In Christmas 2011, we received another generous Christmas donation from Professor Kranz. We now have 3 mobile vices available. We were also able to replace some old diagonal cutters and used materials. Thank you very much!
  • The Chair of Technical Electrophysics for lending us two Wavetec frequency generators.
  • The EIKON Association, which generously donated a new digital 4-channel storage oscilloscope from the company Tektronix to our E-Lab.
  • Special thanks to Prof. Eberspächer, who took care of the administration.