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E-Lab FAQ #

What is the E-Lab? #

An electronics laboratory for free to students. Here you can realize personal projects as well as ones required in your study in your spare time

Where is the E-Lab? #

The room number is N0413, located at the Chair of Physics of Electrotechnology (TEP) in the ground floor of house N4 (north area). It is the same buildung where the departement student council is located. You first need to enter the TEP, (also secured with your student card) following straight ahead to the door to the E-Lab (N0413).

What are the opening times of the E-Lab? #

Monday - Friday, 08.00 - 20.00 o’clock. Only open on working days.

How many people are allowed simultaneously in the E-Lab? #

Maximum 10 people are allowed at a time in the room. However there aren’t that many working benches available anyway.

How do I get access? #

Access will be granted by us if you participate in a security briefing for the duration of two semesters. (E.g. the semester you took part in the briefing and the one following). Security briefings are offered during lecture period, however it takes a minimum number of participants for taking place. We suggest partaking in one of the briefings at the start of the term because the minimum number of participants is usually met then. If you have a bigger group of students (x >= 5) you may contact us for an individual appointment.

Your card also needs to be registered in the EIKON System by you. Usually you already did this in order to get access to the Eikon computer labs. If you did not do that already, please follow the instructions under: https://www.ce.cit.tum.de/en/ldv/eikon/

How do I open the door? #

If your student card is registered in the system as mentioned before and enabled after the security briefing (may take a few days), you just have to hold it against the reader right next to the door. The reader will give visual and acoustic feedback when it detects your card, the signals depend on if you are allowed to enter. (Red or green LED)

My card doesn’t work! #

There are some points of failure to check:

  • You did not register in the Eikon system -> Please register your card: https://www.ce.cit.tum.de/en/ldv/eikon/
  • Your last safety briefing is too long ago -> Please partake in a safety briefing, we will grant you access again. It is valid for 2 semester.
  • Your student card is broken -> Please try your student card on different systems. If it works nowhere and it was registered in the eikon system, please contact TUM https://www.tum.de/en/studies/application/student-card/

How much does the E-Lab cost? #

The E-Lab is free.

What am I allowed to do in the E-Lab? #

You may work in the E-Lab during the opening times. There are some restrictions which actions are allowed which will be told during the safety briefing and are hung out in the E-Lab. Also it is obligatory to read the manual and the safety instructions of a device before using it, which are also available in the E-Lab. Especially if the equipment look big and expensive (precision, high frequency gear) we strongly advice reading some additional manuals or looking at some instruction videos before using the equipment, as it may be very sensitive and easily broken if operated wrong.

Who administrates the E-Lab? #

The E-Lab is administrated and the security briefings held by some members of the departement student council in their spare time. Please dont litter the E-Lab, because you hurt us, fellow students, by doing so.

When are the ones responsible available, can they help me? #

As mentioned multiple times by now, we are just fellow students doing this in our spare time. We are not available regularly, you may try asking in the rooms of the student council if somebody is available at the moment to help you or answer questions. Alternatively write an e-mail to us.

Do get the ones responsible paid? #

No, we are just fellow students and electronics enthusiasts who do this in our spare time.

Can I help you administrating the E-Lab? #

Yes, please don’t hesitate contacting us. We alway appreciate new people helping out with the E-Lab!

What devices are available? #

There is no definitiv list because we are always expanding, but let’s just say you will probably be more than happy! If you are missing someting write us a mail

How much do the electronic components and consumables cost? #

You may take small quantities for free.

Do you need components, tools or equipment? I got free spare for you! #

The E-Lab gets regular funding we use to restock consumables and replace broken tools with. However, if you got measurement equipment or high-quality tools you would like to offer us for free, please contact us: E-Lab - Mail.

Miscellaneous #

My questions is not answered, what to do? Just write us an e-mail!