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Studies and Subject Choice from the 5th Semester Onwards #

In the 5th and 6th semester, you are expected to earn an additional 60 ECTS. Of these, 12 should be obtained through your nine-week engineering practice. Your bachelor’s thesis will earn you another 12 ECTS. The remaining ECTS consist of 6 ECTS for interdisciplinary engineering qualifications and 30 ECTS for elective courses in electrical and information technology. Of these, a maximum of 12 ECTS can be earned through elective internships.

You can always find information about the range of elective courses and electives internships on the CIT website or in your study plan on TUMonline.

The Catalog of Study Recommendations also provides a good overview. It contains recommendations by the study directors on which modules are particularly suitable for the respective areas of specialization. As the name suggests, these are only recommendations, and you can freely choose any module you like. More information about the respective directions can be found at the following link.

As interdisciplinary engineering qualification, you can bring in special subjects that can also be found on the CIT website’s module list (for the “old” study program).

To provide you with some insight into the various research areas, we offer an information evening for bachelor students in the summer semester.