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Engineering Practice #

All students of electrical engineering and information technology are required to complete a total of 9 weeks of engineering practice. The recognition of the engineering practice in the required scope is a prerequisite for the bachelor’s degree (after the 6th semester). The Engineering Practice Committee recommends taking the practice after the 3rd or 4th semester because by then you have learned more topics and professors and have more knowledge to complete an engineering-like practice.

An easy way is to call companies in the area and ask. You can also complete the engineering practice in the public sector or at universities and colleges (FHs). You are also allowed to earn money.

There are no precise regulations regarding the content of the industrial practice, as you should have the opportunity to choose what you want to do according to your own ideas and interests. The activity should be related to your engineering studies.

If you have completed a suitable vocational training successfully, this can possibly be recognized. The Engineering Practice Guidelines provide some assistance, setting the general framework for engineering practice. You can find them on the CIT homepage under Documents at this link or as a brochure in the internship office.

For more information, visit the CIT homepage.