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Info #

Tasks of the Info Group #

The Info Group deals with everything that has to do with information and therefore has a very broad field of activity:

  • Publishing and maintaining content on this website and on the notice boards in front of the rooms of the student association.
  • Since the summer semester of 2008, up-to-date information, specialist journals, and brochures have been offered for takeaway on an information stand in front of the script sales room.
  • Posting current job and internship offers from chairs and companies in the showcase in front of the printing room and in the showcase at the lockers.
  • Collecting and processing information for the students of electrical engineering and information technology.
  • We also inform our students about important events and dates shortly before the start of lectures.
  • We receive many emails and letters from students and from industry, from various organizations and associations from home and abroad. These are processed and answered by the Info Group.
  • Organization of information events, for which the Info Group works closely with the First-Semester Group.

Participation #

Do you want to join the Info Group? Great, we always need new enthusiasts! The following things are of course important:

What do I need to know? #

As a member of the Info Group, you don’t need any special computer skills like the Admin Group has. We will be happy to teach you everything you need to know. Nevertheless, the following things are essential:

  • Comprehensive language skills in German and English (especially spelling and grammar), since you will naturally have to read, create, and correct many texts.
  • Flexible “working hours”, as emails can come in at any time and news posts may have to be created on a Sunday night when the script seller was spontaneous again …
  • The ability to communicate with others in a friendly and relaxed manner

How much time do I need to invest? #

Generally, the Info Group is relatively time-consuming. Since the tasks are very simple and quick to complete, you don’t have to invest a lot of time. However, this naturally depends on the workload: If 10 people do everything, it is much easier than if one person has to answer 5 emails at the same time while also writing a news post. So expect to invest at least 1-5 hours and a maximum of 10 hours per week.

What do I gain from participating? #

Fame, money, and women are definitely not part of the deal. But having been a voluntary worker in the student association always looks good on your resume. In addition, this is the easiest way to get involved in student association work, as no prior knowledge or (safety) briefing is required and not much time has to be invested. You will also of course learn about our content managing system and other things.

I want to participate! #

Just come by the student association or send an email to info@fs.ei.tum.de!