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Why (not) Social Media? #

Social networks like Facebook or Instagram and messenger services such as Telegram or Whatsapp offer many advantages. One is more interconnected and has more options for external presentation. However, many pages and services are not really privacy-friendly and often very complex. In addition, moderators and content are needed for all channels.

As a student committee, we have decided on some social media appearances but also clearly against some services. We see no added value in Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok. Additionally, there is our website: All relevant information on (almost) all topics can be read there. You can also find the registration systems for our events and the submission forms for our services.

We currently see little value in many social networks. Often the statement comes: “You need Instagram! No one looks at your website. The student committee XY only uses Instagram.” To which one can only respond firmly that the information richness of this website cannot be represented on Instagram. We are proud to have this website in addition to our already existing social media presence.

If you want to reach us, have questions, comments, or criticism, we still offer you a wide range of possibilities. You can see these below.

Facebook #

The student committee for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology naturally has a Facebook page. We post news from our homepage and other news, but also present other events or activities at the TU Munich. The year group groups for the respective Bachelor’s years are also founded from this page. These groups highlight content specific to each year, but also give tutors and university groups the opportunity to make themselves known. So if you don’t want to miss anything, visit the page - and leave a like. Our goal is to overtake the other student committees. After all, we are the best student committee.

For our Gallery Festival, we even have our own Facebook page. There (and on our own page) we advertise our legendary Gallery Festival. And sometimes you get exclusive insights or sneak previews here - so it’s worth subscribing to this page too! Visit our page here.

Unfortunately, Facebook is a bit … tricky to manage. And the data protection at FB is just as present as a functioning blackboard in the year 1200. Therefore, many members of the FSEI also do not have a Facebook account, and the organization is taken over by very few people. However, in the FVV surveys every semester, many of you still wish to have the year group groups and Facebook as a communication source. Of course, we will continue to offer Facebook, but unfortunately, you may not get an answer there or only very late. For all questions, we recommend that you write to us by email.

Telegram #

Did you know that the FSEI offers a Telegram channel? You can reach it at @fseitum directly in Telegram or at telegram.me/fseitum for direct integration.

There, the news posts come automatically to your mobile phone (or tablet, PC, etc.), and you are the first to learn about the news.

We also offer Telegram year group groups (similar to the Facebook groups). We find Telegram to be much better than Whatsapp, among other things because administration is easier, and Telegram offers many more options.

However, the “official” groups are also there so that we can be in close contact with you, and you with us. This way, our group moderators can answer questions or uncertainties directly, and rumors have no chance of developing.

How do I now reach the student committee? #

Do you have questions, wishes, comments, criticism, improvement suggestions, problems, or just want to talk to us?

No problem! As a student committee, we always have an open ear for you. You can find out how to reach us through various options here:

Email #

You can always reach us best by email. Here you can ask your request or explain your problem in detail. The email address for all inquiries is info@fs.ei.tum.de. However, if you know which working group is responsible, you can also write to them directly. Sometimes an answer can unfortunately be delayed. In this case, please write to us again.

Telephone #

Yes, you can also call the FSEI. The telephone number is +49 89/289-22998. However, only someone can take the call if someone is there - which is not always the case, especially during the holidays…

Fax #

You can also fax us - if you know how to do it. Our fax number is +49 89/289-25140. We may also fax you back - we just have to find the instructions in the meantime…

Letter #

Seriously. We have answered every letter so far, and letters are even pretty secure (usually even more secure than an email). Our address is:

Student Committee for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Technical University of Munich Arcisstrasse 21 80333 Munich

We look forward to every one of your letters!

In person #

Of course, you can also visit us (just not during Corona). The advantage: you are there in person, and can explain everything right away. However, the same applies as for the phone: visiting is only possible if someone is there - so please call beforehand. If someone answers, someone is there.