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The Trafo AG #

You have a creative side and like to write/draw?

You would like to inform your fellow students about current topics and/or entertain them?

You think it’s important for people to think beyond their own nose?

Then the TRAFO working group is the place for you!

Corona-Zeiten schreiben oder ein Interview mit einer Dozentin/einem Dozenten führen willst. Auch Witze und Rätsel sind willkommen! Der TRAFO ist deine Möglichkeit gehört zu werden. We believe that all students have important things to say: be it commenting on the latest developments regarding data privacy or IT security topics, writing a short story about student life during a pandemic, or conducting an interview with a lecturer. Jokes and riddles are also welcome! TRAFO is your opportunity to be heard.

No talent? Nonsense! #

If you feel like helping out but feel like you’re too uncreative, we can reassure you: there are plenty of tasks to take on at TRAFO. Maybe you shy away from writing articles and don’t want to draw comics? Then you can also work on the layout or in the chief editorial team and ensure that TRAFO looks good in the end, or organize everything around it and communicate with everyone involved.

No experience? No problem. #

You don’t have to be a professional to contribute! We’ll be happy to help you, be it with brainstorming, uncertainties about whether your topic fits TRAFO, or any other questions. You can always contact us by e-mail ( trafo@fs.ei.tum.de).

We look forward to hearing from you!