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Festivals and Events #

We, the party people, are responsible for parties, festivals and other fun events. For a long time now, we have been organizing (almost ;-)) every year the Galeriefest, which is known far beyond the borders of the TU with around 1,300 guests (for more information and photos, visit www.galeriefest.de). Among them are, unusual for us E-technicians, many women, which has certainly helped one or the other to get lucky.

Such a big festival requires many helpers for setup and dismantling, drink service, food sales, etc. We Festler alone cannot manage this. That’s why we are always happy about the active help of many students, mainly freshmen, who get a Helper’s Party with free beer among other things as a thank-you in the summer.

We also organize a party tram shortly after the start of the winter semester. The rented tram can accommodate 60 guests who are driven through Munich for one evening and can get to know their fellow students, and of course have a beer or two. Profs and institute employees are also welcome here.

Our work largely consists of the time before and during the parties: organizing food and drinks, taking care of fire protection and safety, renting rooms/trams, printing T-shirts, advertising, visiting the caretaker, and of course keeping the party going. And in between, when there’s nothing to do, we also help out at Tunix.

We are happy about your help and commitment. If you are interested, simply contact feste@fs.ei.tum.de. Then we can let you know when the work calls and when we will meet. You are also welcome to stop by the student council anytime.