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Feedback on the FFV WS23/24 #

We read through all questions, commments, concerns. Here can you find all Question with our Answers.

Feedback on the lecture note sale #

Q: Analysis 1 and linear Algebra lecture notes should be also in printed form available. #

A: We request every year new lecture notes from every chair. The notes which we do not offer, were not given to us nor did we receive permission to print.

Q: Colour printed lecture notes would be great. #

A: We are considering how can this be done. However, the majority is for cheaper grayscale lecture notes, because it is enough. We naturally consider this wish of the majority.

Q: Last year were print errors in the test collections. #

A: Unfortunately, were those errors noticed too late. We take great care of the quality of our lecture notes, however sometimes, we miss a mistake. We kindly ask you to apologize this.

Feedback on the thesis printing sale #

Q: Are you printing other documents too? For exaple Forschungspraxisbericht. #

A: Yes we print a great variety of products. To be sure what we can do, write us directly with your request.

Feedback to the Academic Progroam Student Council #

Q: I’d like more digital learning alternatives (recording of lectures, uploading online, digital lecture notes) #

A: Our possibilities to pressure the chairs are limited. It is the freedom of the teachers how they teach. You can support this process by completeing the lecture evaluation forms. We can pressure and present this feedback on the various committees.

Q: Why does a kitchen not exist? With a mircowave oven and a kettle to heat up own food. #

A: There was a small kitchen in StudiTUM, but unfortunately did the students take no care. Therefore it was removed.

Did we forget anything? #

The Academic Progroam Student Council has to work on the contact with students and make more it more social. #

It cannot be that no normal human contact is made with some people of mandate. When you are invited to come to the FVV and there is a speaker who does not look into the room and only mumbles something… it’s preposterous. However, a big thanks to the two leaders. Good job! Es kann nicht sein das man kein normalen menschlichen Kontakt hat mit manchen die sich ihr Mandat und ihre Aufgabe sogar aussuchen.

A: Thank you for your honest feedback. Many members make their first experience with such events. Sometimes is the outcome better, sometimes worse. We learn from these experiences, however.