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E-Lab Project Work #

Various projects are also possible in our electronics laboratory.

Sustainability of concepts/implementations should also be considered in all project work.

Component and Device Management #

  • Implementation of an administration tool for the E-Lab inventory (material quantities, device specifications, etc.), in coordination with our admins
  • Checking for integration of the website (e.g. making the available devices automatically visible on the website, fed from the administration tool)
  • Evaluation of component purchases (e.g. buying new component kits every 5 years, cost analysis)
  • Maximum possible sensible automation of E-Lab routine purchases (i.e. recurring purchases of consumables, etc.); integration into the administration tool, distributor numbers, etc.

Creation of an Oscilloscope Course #

  • Knowledge of oscilloscopes recommended
  • Evaluation of collaboration with institutes (what already exists, where can we work together?)
  • Evaluation of collaboration with companies (e.g. Rhode & Schwarz apprentice workshops)
  • Determine the equipment requirements for the E-Lab oscilloscopes (which are suitable for shared lab concepts like the E-Lab, is there a need for expansion?)
  • Requirements for the speaker (what should they know about the oscilloscope), if FSEI students are to be used
  • Development of the course (what will be done concretely, how long should the course be, should it be over multiple days, which topics will be covered, which will not)
  • Trial run with student council members as participants