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Scripts #

The “Scripts” working group is responsible for obtaining script templates from the chairs, processing them into print-ready form, and delivering them to the printers.

“People always say that writing scripts must be really hard,” they say. “Why are you asking US? We’ve never written a script and probably never will.”

Of course, professors are responsible for script writing. We simply request copies, archive them, and process them into printing templates for our printers. In addition, we are responsible for ensuring that print runs are calculated and that the printing company operates economically. The script work for a semester goes more or less as follows:

  • Ask professors and assistants if there is a new or modified script.
  • Modify the script sent to us so that our printers can process it well. This includes creating the cover page with the barcode.
  • Create a sample copy and send it to the lecturer.
  • Determine the starting volume for each script.
  • Create entries in the sales database.
  • Create the print order.
  • When scripts run out: request a reprint from the printers.

More information #

Script sales

Background information for students

Information for chairs

Printing of final theses

Contact #

for students: skr-anfrage@fs.ei.tum.de
for lecturers: scripts@fs.ei.tum.de