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Party Tram #

As another highlight in the Electrical Engineers-Party-Calendar, you can find the Party Tram this year. The Electrical and Information Engineering Student Representative Committee is organizing it for all students of Electrical and Information Engineering. After the well-known freshman hut, this is the next great opportunity for freshmen to get to know classmates, professors and central exercise leaders from your semesters.

Hard Facts #

Saturday, June 8th, 2024, 4pm-11pm
All you can eat: Bavarian meat loaf (Leberkäse), vegetarian Sandwiches
All you can drink: Soft drinks, beer and Limes
City tour
DJ & Music
All Electrical Engineering students
Professors and central exercise leaders

The Party Tram #

For the party, the largest tram of the MVG (R3.3) is rented and converted into the Party Tram. In addition to our food stand, you will also find your own bar and the DJ area inside. With a special music system, the whole tram is equipped with party-worthy sound.

Of course, the necessary food and drinks are provided for. The tram is planned as an “all you can drink & eat” event. Bavarian meat loaf from the local butcher as well as the best beer from Munich ensure your well-being. Soft drinks and Limes also entertain the evening.

As a little teaser, you can watch the aftermovie from one of the last Party Trams here, or browse through the photo album below.

Registration & Ticket #

Ticket price: 30€, for members of EIKON e.V. only 20€

Registration: from Mai 11th, 2024, https://hlp.fs.ei.tum.de/e-techniker-tram/.

Attention: limited number of participants of 90 places. These are drawn from all registrations and then distributed according to the principle of “first come - first serve”.

Youtubevideo Tram 2011

You can find information about data protection for image and sound recordings at the event here: Privacy Policy