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Opening Hours #

We do not really have fixed opening hours like shops or other public services, so our opening times can be informally defined as “whenever someone is in the student council office”. However, since we pass a good part of our free time and our lunch breaks in the student council office, we are “open” pretty often. Our definitions of ‘free time’, ’lunch breaks’ and ‘sleeping hours’ are pretty much the same as those of the stereotypical student, by the way ;)

Here are some rules of thumb for when you can expect people to be in the office (or not):

  • Definitely not before or during the first lecture slot (there will be no one in the office before 9:30 AM with a 90% probability)
  • After the second lecture slot (= after 11:15 AM) there are usually always people in the office, especially during lunch time
  • During lecture notes sales and other officially announced events, there are always people around, of course.
  • Very often, people stay in the office pretty late doing stuff, so you can try to drop by even in the evening.
  • The number of times the office is open decreases drastically during semester holidays, for obvious reasons.

When in doubt, you can always call us (+49 (0) 89 / 289-22998) to find out whether the office is populated: If someone answers your call, that someone is currently in the office!